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  Avoid breathing carbom monoxide exhaust fumes.


        Protect your health from urban smog.   


According airborne particulate matter, to World Health Organization, three million city commuters and drivers die each year from breathing chemical exhaust fumes. Due mainly to urban smog caused by airborne particulate matter, (urban air pollution). Which are, for the most part free radicals caused by chemical exhaust fumes, diesel exhaust fumes and gases exhaust  fumes. 

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Recent studies in Europe have confirmed that you are up to three times more vulnerable to exhaust fumes when inside your vehicle in heavy congested traffic.

How do Personal Nasal Filters protect you from Air Pollution:

  • Breathe-ezy Nasal Filters are made of activated carbon/cellulose. These two materials are considered to be the best for filtering minute particles and toxic fumes. The activated carbonair pollution respiratory diseases, (black) absorbs smoke and exhaust. Trapping these within the active carbon granules whilst the cellulose material (white) then traps all forms of minute airborne dust particles. This dual structure giving you total protection when you breathe correctly through the nose. more info.

                       Note: with our dual filter system of active carbon/cellulose you are protected from all airborne pollutants including dust and pollen spores                                                                 wearing nasal filters

  •  Size small are ideal to protect our children from traffic exhaust fumes and airborne pollens when traveling too and from school. 
  • Recent tests have shown that children suffer from tiredness and drowsiness when exposed to traffic exhaust fumes. This can effect their ability to concentrate and learn whilst in the classroom. These same tests also indicate that exposing children to traffic exhaust fumes can lead to asthma allergies in later life.

"One hour exposed to second hand smoke is equivalent to smoking 4 cigarettes to the non smoker" 


             How exhaust fumes can harm your body (Air pollution lung cancer)
  • Suspended Particulate matter (SPM)
    Main source: Diesel vehicles. Petrol vehicles, motor cycles. .

    Effects: Chest infection, aggravates asthma, may cause cancer.
    Children are more at risk than adults.
  • Ozone
    Main source: Indirectly Oxides of Nitrogen from diesel and petrol. Generates ozone after photochemical reaction with sunlight.
    Children are more at risk than adults.

    Effects: Can induce asthma even in a normal person and aggravate asthma in patients. Causes damage to the linings of the lungs.
  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
    Main Source: Petrol and diesel. Sports participants and children are most at risk.
    Effects: Headache, drowsiness, lethargy, red eyes and cough
  • Sulphur dioxide
    Main Source: Diesel Combustion ( avoid - diesel exhaust fumes are 30 times more dangerous than petrol fumes)
    Effects: Aggravates rhinitis and asthma.
  • Oxides of Nitrogen
    Main Source: Diesel exhaust fumes. Sports participants and children are most at risk.
    Effects: Chest Infections, rhinitis, headache, lethargy, irritation of eyes and aggravates asthma.
  • Benzene
    Main Source: Unleaded petrol emitted from catalytic converters.
    Effects: A known carcinogen, it has been linked to lung cancer and leukemia and can damage the central nervous system.


  • Carbon Monoxide
    Main Source: Petrol vehic
    les, motor cycles. Sports participants and children are most at risk.
    Effects: Aggravates heart diseae, affects stamina.


  • Lead Main Source: Petrol
    Effects: Can affects the central nervous system. Cause renal damage and hypertension. Children are three times more at
    risk than adults.



 Air Chemical exhaust fumeswe breathe in our Towns and Cities is polluted by urban smog, bush fire smoke, carbon monoxide, industry andNasal 100-1.jpg domestic activities. Lack of control on traffic fumes can cause free radicals, increase difficulty in breathing and cause coughing and wheezing. Also it can cause both heart and lung disease. Bush fires strike regularly throughout Australia leaving residents in smoke suffocation conditions during the fire or dust storm period. Wood smoke contains many different chemicals, some of which are toxic to humans. When these chemicals are inhaled they cause health problems in young children and the elderly, particularly those with respiratory (breathing) and cardiovascular (heart) illnesses.


 Effects of atmospheric air pollutants from industrial outfall, heavy metals, VOCs, (volatile organic compounds), bush fire smoke, passive smoke, secondhand smoke and exhaust fumes are numerous, resulting in toxic overload and toxic impact on cells in the respiratory tract; inflammatory irritation of our higher respiratory tract (nose and throat)  and the lower respiratory tract (trachea and bronchus), that can lead to bronchial hyper responsiveness; increased susceptibility to respiratory infections and allergens in the environment.


  Traffic Studies. 

Avoid tunnel exhaust fumes.

Recent studies indicate that air pollution increases dramatically within city tunnels, due to break downs in an enclosed atmosphere, leading to excessive traffic and carbon monoxide fumes within the tunnel enclosure. Always keep personal nasal filters handy for this emergency

  • Our study demonstrates that continuous exposure to traffic urban air pollutantion impairs sperm quality in young and middle-aged men.        Dr Michele De Rosa University of Naples

  •  Traffic-related air remains a key target for public health action in Europe. Dr Nino Kunzli, University of Basel, Switzerland                              

  •  66 per cent of people with asthma say that traffic fumes trigger their asthma symptoms. Talkasthma  UK March 2006. 

  • A joint study by UK and Swedish researchers suggests that diesel fumes from vehicle exhausts can cause heart problems not just in people with existing conditions but also healthy ones. The researchers found that fumes increase blood clots and platelets. 

  • Diesel exhaust fumes on polluted streets have a measurable effect on people with asthma, according to the first study looking at exhausts and asthma in a real-life setting. Published on 6 December in the New England Journal of Medicine.                  


  • Carbon Monoxide fumes (CO):   Extremely toxic gas that is odorless, colourless and difficult to detect. Carbon Monoxide attaches itself to red blood corpuscles, taking the place of oxygen. These corpuscles transport less oxygen to body tissue cells that need them, and they often die, leaving your immune system depleted and weak. Even in light exhaust environments, extremely small quantities of carbon monoxide poison (a few milliliters per cubed metre) are sufficient to increase free radicals and causedramatic loss of energy. Usually major cause of Migraine and weak Immune system.

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